Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7)

Young dancers interested in pre-ballet.

We have Pre-Ballet dance programs in two levels for young dancers. Pre-Ballet I for ages 5-6 and Pre-Ballet II for ages 6-7. Basic Ballet concepts are introduced, such as emphasis on straight legs and pointed feet, posture, placement, stretches, and comportment of classical ballet. The elements of creative movement will be augmented by more coordination and sequence-related exercises such as floor formations that teach children spatial awareness. These classes are fun and lively to keep students engaged!

Pre-Ballet classes are offered on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The classes run from September to June and culminate in a performance at our June concert. Details and Registration

If committing for the entire year is difficult, we offer 6-week session young dancer samplers in Yarmouth, including a sampler in Pre-Ballet. These classes are non-performing. Details and Registration