Dive Deep Into Your Core Workshop Series with Dr. Lesley Hoey, DPT


6-weeks, March 13 through April 17, 9:30 am – 10:45 am
Class series: $135 (paid to the instructor)
Drop-in: $25 permitted for students who have attended the first class

The core is more than your “abs” and it isn’t necessarily a well-defined six-pack. The core is a system of superficial and deep muscles that stabilize posture, help with breathing, circulation, organ support and other bodily functions such as bladder control. Its function can be disrupted by injury, pain, pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes, surgery or other medical treatment. This progressive class series will use body rolling, Yoga and Pilates-based exercises to teach
you how to correctly activate and strengthen your core and pelvic floor to improve your dancing and everyday activity.

Dr. Lesley Hoey is an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist with over ten years of experience helping hundreds of women (and men) optimize their core and pelvic floor health and function.  FMI vist https://www.drlesleyhoey.com/