Afro-Brazilian Samba Workshop with Beto Guimaraes


Monday, August 5th | 7:30-9pm | $17 or a card punch, $14 for college students and seniors

Beto’s Afro-Brazilian Dance class begins with a gentle warm-up followed by progressive movements involving a variety of dances from Brazil! It is an energetic and fun workout!  All levels are welcomed and after class, you will have a big smile on your face!
Let’s Samba ME🇧🇷

Check out this link to see Afro-Brazilian Samba in action:
Afro-Brazilian Dance Video

About the instructor: Beto Guimaraes born in the historic town of Olinda(UNESCO heritage city), in northeastern Brazil. Olinda is a well know in the world for its vibrant Carnival. For the past 28 years Beto has dedicated to the study, performance and teaching of contemporary Brazilian dance. He has performed locally, nationally and internationally. Beto has participated in famous carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Recife, and Olinda collecting a variety of dance rhythms and styles such as Samba, Frevo and Maracatu!